POSTERS THAT ROCK: Letterpress Show Poster Workshop w/ Brad Vetter (formally of Hatch Show Print)


As the ideas of this crazy platform of communication we call the internet changes to make information more accessible, so does the idea of the show poster. We no longer need these posters to solely advertise an event, but the poster becomes more of a celebration of the bands and event itself. The aesthetics and concept become more important then being able to read the information for a distance. Join Brad Vetter in creating unique hand-printed letterpress posters. Brad, with 8 years of printing posters at the world-famous Hatch Show Print under his belt, will be taking over Evanston Print & Paper for 10 weeks of analog poster printing. Don’t worry if you have never printed before, or you know too much about letterpress, we will be covering everything from traditional letterpress techniques to more experimental processes. It’s ok if your posters don’t rock, they can jazz or country, if you want we can change the name to Posters That Easy Listening!

What you get:
• Hands-on 10 week workshop where you will design and print 2 of your very own letterpress posters
Posters That Rock limited edition poster
• Ability to rent press time at Evanston Print & Paper (at the completion of the workshop)
• We will also make sure that you get one of each poster printed by everyone at the workshop!