A Simply Stylish Invitation Sets the Tone for the Perfect Wedding – Culbertson & Nau Wedding

One of the best custom wedding invitations we created was for Sarah Culbertson and James Nau. They were delightful to work with, and their design remains a favorite of ours and our clients. We’ve been very fortunate when doing custom wedding invitations for brides and grooms to share family memories that they want to incorporate into their wedding celebration. Sarah was getting married on a family farm in downstate Illinois. They brought us a photo of the tree under which the wedding ceremony would take place, and they hoped to incorporate that image into their wedding invitation. We, and they, were happy with the results. They were kind enough a few months ago to share some of their wedding photos with us, and we’re going to share them with you. We had thought we would start with a photo of the wedding invitation we created for them, but were delighted to find they had a much cuter picture of their own. When I asked her to share the photos with us, she wrote, “I am glad that you’ve gotten so many positive responses to our invite–we absolutely loved it and really loved working with you. It may seem strange to say, but I think our invites were one of our favorite personal touches from our wedding. We’d be happy to share some photos of our wedding.” And we’re happy to share them now with you.